Interview: Rawhead

Rawhead Interview
Answered by Lachlan McPherson

I suppose that every reader of this zine knows my love for Aussie Goregrind / Grindcore (if you didn’t know, right now you do). A newer band is Melbourne's Rawhead. The band play repulsive goregrind apparently inspired by bands such as Last Days of Humanity, Mortician and Hemdale. When I first heard these motherfuckers, I was completely blown away and the band quickly became one of my favorite Goregrind Band coming from Australia!  Here’s an interview with Lachlan Mcpherson.. Read On!

Hello Lachlan! What have you guys been up to lately? 
Hey Jamie, right now we're finishing up the writing for a full length that we'll be recording in early-mid February and have played a few shows in the last 5-6 months. So far it's going great and I'm really looking forward to getting a recording with the full band done as it has improved the band tenfold. Way heavier, way rougher, much more Jardin'.

Please give us a little background on the band members and how you guys are formed, as a lot of people probably haven't heard of you yet.
Rawhead started as a project of mine that existed solely as a tribute to Mortician and at first was probably never meant to go beyond that. The first demo while being fairly true to Morticianwave form is pretty crap to my ears now despite sporting a killer collage cover, hahah. After Adrian mixed the second demo for me we soon got talking about jamming with him on drums and it mostly fell into place from there.  Some of the other bands we're involved with include Contaminated, Pregnancy, Derailment, Disentomb, Incinerated, Religous Observance, Creep Diets. There's way more with the other two but I can't remember them all!

Is it a real choice to be a 3 piece, or is just because you could not find any musicians with the same interest in your area?
We did have a bass player but he hasn't been a part of the band since late September or so. We're looking at getting someone new but in the meantime I've tuned down an extra step and we've written songs way faster than we could previously when in the jam room simply for the fact that I don't have to teach the riffs to anyone else. There is a worldwide trend of grind bands without bass players and honestly I reckon it's mostly just a lazy copout cause there are so few bands whose sound wouldn't be improved with a bass player in there.

I'm sure you've probably been asked this question a lot, but how did you came up with the name Rawhead? Do you think it fits well to your music style?
I was reading Clive Barker's Books of Blood short stories a while back and always liked the horrible creature that is RAWHEAD. He'd been lying dormant underground for however long until some unfortunate townsperson woke him up. From there he proceeded to wreak havoc on the town and I think pissed down the throat of a priest. Basically, seems a fitting name for a band as stupid as this one!

What are some of the bands strongest musical influences?
At the start it was just Mortician and Mortician only but since it became a full band, the vocals are now pitchshifted and overall it's much more of a gory mashup of Hemdale, Regurgitate, Last Days of Humanity and of course a little Chainsaw Dismemberment era Mortician for good measure. I'm real stoked on how things are turning out - way more raging and chaotic, plenty of savage crusty d-beats, blasts faster than the drum machine demos and a lot of changes and transitions in the songs. Overall it's just a lot heavier and a lot more interesting now.

Your demo has been out for a while. What has the reception to this Demo so far? And does any label shown interest?
The couple of demos I did solo managed to get the name around a little bit which was cool. Cadaveric Dissolution is onboard for a full length album which is great!

What is the songwriting process of a Rawhead song like? How much time do you spend to write a song?
I'll normally come up with the structure of a song before the riffs. Recently we've started writing songs in jams too which is great as we all have a lot of ideas and songs come together really quickly. If we're on a roll we can get a couple of new ones down in a jam.

Who writes the lyrics and what's the inspiration?
Haha, lyrics?? None here!

Do you have any new material in the works and how does the new stuff sound compared to the tracks that you got online?
Plenty - we've got at least 20min of new stuff and it's sounding equal parts Last Days of Humanity, Regurgitate, Hemdale and Mortician.

What do you think make a good goregrind song? Is it the speed, the catchiness or something entirely different?
The structure and how the different parts of the song flow together are very important as anyone can play blast/thrash/blast/thrash songs without putting any thought into it. It comes without saying but you can always tune lower as well.

Since we're on the topic of goregrind, what's your view on the evolution of the style to where it is today?
It's in an excellent place right now as there are tonnes of great bands around. I mean, just look at the midwest US right now, it's just raging. Thankfully a lot of the misogynistic views present in 2000s goregrind have largely been dropped altogether.

Australia has so many of the greatest grind bands in the world right now, what kind of response do you guys get in your homeland? Any new bands would you like to recommend?
Melbourne in particular has a long history of brilliant grind and I feel fortunate to be able to play with so many great bands to this day. So far we've only played four shows but the response has been pretty decent which is nice. It tends to be a while in between new bands and I think we're probably the newest goregrind around at this point but Adrian is also killing it on drums in Shit... I'm Alive?! who are just put up online an excellent Assuck/Suffocation type death/grind demo.

When we talk about Philippines, do you know some of our bands? Any chance you could come over to the Philippines?
I am stupidly ignorant in this case.... please email me some bands from the Philippines I should check out!!

What can we expect from the band in the near future?
Full length album on Cadaveric Dissolution and split 7"s with Lysergic Rites of Sadopriest (!!!) and a sick new band called Hypertrophy! 

Alright, I dont really have much more to ask, but I would like to thank you for taking your time answering these questions. Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Thanks for the interview, I really appreciate it! If anyone wants to contact us, email us at I also just setup a message board,, as an alternative to being forced to use Facebook so much in this day and age. Cheers!

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