Interview: Meatal Ulcer

Interview with Leo from Meatal Ulcer / Die Pigeon Die!

Hey Leo! I would like to thank you for taking your time answering this interview. How are things going?
g’day jamie the pleasure is all mine doing an interveiw for you!!! things are going better than ever for me!

Can you say a few words about Meatal Ulcer? Give us a little background on the band members and how you guys are formed. 
Meatal ulcer is a goregrind band i started my self in 2011 while being hospitalized!!! i release my first demo intermittent claudication then a second demo craniopagus parasiticus 2012 - 2012 bit later. i wanted to make really extreme harsh goregrind! i asked my friend geoff to be on the second demo on keyboards…later more people were helping out on other releases so i just decided the lineup will probably change again in the future because i like working with different people and i want a diverse range of gore vocals in the band!

Have you been in other bands prior to Die Pigeon Die. Are you currently in side bands worthy of note?
haven’t really been massively active in any other bands apart from die pigeon die and meatal ulcer…when i was younger and in high school at the same time as die pigeon die i use to have a project i worked on called rectum blaster….also know as leo’s band from hell or a.d.d. although i lost many tracks in a computer crash but there is still some tracks on my computer i hope to dig up and release l..i used three salvaged tracks of rectum blaster for a split with meatal ulcer. plus i did a demo for each two new bands maybe two or three years back…they were disgusting rat and repulsive metamorphose…when i get the time i wish to expand on them. my newest band is called pneumo ingurgitation with olga from cystoblastosis. also to mention i had a jam a couple weeks back with brad from super fun happy slide…nothing concrete confirmed of a new band with him but i really enjoyed how it went!

Can you tell us why you have chosen Meatal Ulcer as bands name? Do you think it fits well to your music style?
i chose meatal ulcer as a name because i was following a trend of naming bands after other bands song titles…i was going through regurgitate song titles and picked meatal ulcer…because i was just going for the brutalist and upsetting thing i saw!! i read about meatal ulcers and some information came up about meatal ulcers and the first cut before circumcision…it soughta reminded me in a fantasy style thinking about the song bleeding for sperm queen by catasexual urge motivation! i hope it fits uncomftorable and upsetting to all my enemies and all posers

With your own words, how would you like to describe Meatal Ulcer's music? 
bizarre schizophrenic hatefuelled gore

Tell us something about "Why Wont It Die"? Are you satisfied with the result. If not, what would you like to have done differently? 
why won’t it die we were trying to make the heaviest goregrind possible!!! i wrote the album with my brother and something i can tell you about the last track is that we had been listening to some cradle of filth at the time we were making the album. when it came time to write the last track i was extremely tired and went to bed but jack stayed up and finished the last song and went for one cradle of filth style riff at the end…this still amuses me when i hear the last song of the album! later we got the album mixed by our friend nx5 of active stenosis and i was completely satisfied with his final sound and very satisfied still with the artwork we got done by xavier from the day everything became nothing

Throughout the record, I spot a number of very interesting influences, all of which, to me, really constitute what Goregrind is all about! For apparent reasons it's almost impossible not to think of a band similar to Last Days Of Humanity, Autophagia, Lymphatic Phlegm and Warsore. I suppose these bands has been an inspiration. What are some of the bands strongest musical influences? 
yes all of these bands have been a very strong influence for me…some other things at the time i was listening to like regurgitate, bodies lay broken, the corpse in the crawl space, menometrorraghia, active stenosis, dysmenhorreic haemorrhage, savage man savage beast, hyperemesis 

Tell us something about Rampant Thrush. Will the future Releases of Meatal Ulcer will be out on your own label? 
haha rampant thrush…my dad came up with the name! meatal ulcer will definitely have a couple more releases with rampant thrush but at this point i feel i don’t want to flog my own band to much on my own label…id rather mainly use the label to support other bands that I’m just a fan

How do you choose a band you'll work with? Do you care only about the musical aspect? 
I’m looking for bands that are willing to put themselves nastily on the edge of the main flock of bands in the genre. exposing themselves to hatefull backlash but still reigning supreme!!! 

What was the first band you released? Did you choose them or was it the contrary? Was it hard to convince them to work with you, as you were a very new label with no release? 
apart from releasing my own demo and there was a split with birth and meatal ulcer that me and chris(birth) co released… i also coreleased  a split between oxidised razor and olocausto. i put the word out about my label starting to a few people i was in contact with. i noticed this split was looking for a labels to co release so i offered to get involved…olocausto was new to me and i dug their sound…oxidised razor i had been listening to for a long time and was a pleasure to release their stuff. all the bands and labels involved were happy to let me get involved…sorry about the mistake on my website link guys…too much oxy-contin!

And tell us about your current releases.
ok heres a list of the full rampant thrush discography for you!

What is the songwriting process of a Meatal Ulcer song like? How much time do you spend to write a song? Who writes the lyrics and what's the inspiration?
the song writing process in meatal ulcer is brutalist solo drum track first. then write the riff to the preblasted guide…no lyrics in meatal ulcer just some noises and screams, i mainly try to make a terrifying sound with my tongue and mouth

What's the most perverse/disgusting act you ever commited? Have you tried eating your own shit? 
november 11th 2011 i jumped in front of a moving train…I’m going alright now by the way just missing my old big FUCKing toe. it was the most devastating impact of self disgust i have committed. but at the same time after slowly and brutally recovering from such trauma. the times spent discovering the medical industrsy was the most sickeningly, abusefully, blissening and informative times of my life. i have never intentionally tried to eat my own shit…but I’m sure like many others traces of my own fecal matter have been passed onto my mouth

Do you have a great admiration to serial killers?
i mainly have an admiration for these types of people in music form. nothing better than another song about dahmer, gacy or bundy etc.

Have you ever contemplated about how such serial killers feel about lyricist and gore enthusiast such as yourselves, using their twisted state of mind for lyrics and themes? 
to be honest no….i haven’t really ever contemplated how they feel about my music…. meatal ulcer hasn’t been focusing on any specific serial killers… tv and horror films mainly later I’m going to incorporate some texas chainsaw massacre theme into the band…that will be the first time i break into partially serial killer themed for the band…for those who don’t know the film is based of ed gein!

If you are to be a serial killer, who would you be and what sorts will your victims be?
if i become a serial killer i would like to be australian style chopper!! i will start up torturing women rapists and pedophiles and develop my taste for other victims from there!

And how would you like to die?
I would like to die running around on stage like leather face soaked in blood with a chainsaw and trying to butcher the whole audience. I’m running around like a maniac and suddenly theres so much blood everywhere that i slip and the chainsaw cuts off one of my own limbs…i just lay there on stage making erotic moans into the microphone until all my blood runs out

Are you guys now in the process of mutilating new materials? When is the next Meatal Ulcer materials coming out and what will it sound like? Any new sound directions or concepts? 
yep write now i am working on four splits and a full length for bizarre leprous!! splits with with decomposing serenity , last days of humanity, methadone abortion clinic and a three way split tape with gangrene and proctalgia. the new meatal ulcer is definitely on the verge of a new sound. recently i have had a lot of time to reflect and open up my mind to key points and events that have happened in my entire life i want my new sound to harass, torment the people who have crossed, belittled and humiliated myself, family, friends and things i care for. the plan now to expose these many pieces of shit scum for who they really are and also want to haunt sexy girls`

Many gore grind bands use pitchshifter to get those utterly disgusting sounds. What can you say about the bands that use pitchshifted vocals, and denying it? And what can you say about these people saying that Pitchshifted vocals are gay? What gadgets do you use? Boss Ps-5? Digitech Vocal 300?
 if they are denying it because they believe people think they are less brutal for using a pitch shifter or not in my opinion they should fuck off and give up! as for the people saying pitchshifted vocals are gay i would like to say to them you are the ones who are gay and i hope someone brutally enforces that on them soon! i used a ps-5 on the die pigeon die japan tour…it went alright and i would like one of my own… i just been using a digitech vocal 300 in meatal ulcer for some time! P.S. I HAVE A SECRET WEAPON PITCH SHIFTER THAT IM NOT GOING TO DETAIL IN THIS INTERVEIW

The Australia and Czech scene appears to be a stronghold when it comes toy brutal music, especially gore/grind. What kind of response do you guys get in your homeland? Do you think there's such a thing as a Aussie gore/grind sound? Already checked out Nik's Clogged and it was sick as fuck! Any new Aussie band/s you'd like to recommend?
personally i don’t think meatal ulcer has got the best response i was hoping for from the scene around here perhaps from not playing live or some peoples feelings towards are style and also to admit i feel abit disconnected from the scene since the early days i started…but i want to enjoy the australian scene bit more. but i saw abit of the grinding madness show that was put on here not so long ago christchrusher were great…and i also checked out tony from bloodusters new band kind which was great too.

How do you find the gore grind scene in general these days? What bands are you into these days, and what bands are you looking to for future splits?
personally some wave of memes invading and retarding me that id prefer a back off of and more straight up brutality… I’ve been listening to pancreatic purulence, chopped of dick and lacunar infarction...many splits i want to get and not stopping to make this some any time soon…sorry to others if I’m choosing my favourable choices first…keep blasting…plenty of splits to get to but unholy grave is a favourite grindcore band I’ve always dreamed a split with at some point!

Are there any gigs coming up for you guys? How do people normally react on your live shows? Any chance you could come over to Philippines?
no live gigs coming up right now but i am going to put something together live one day soon. when die pigeon die had playied the reactions were different…some times people went crazy and other times they just stood there like they’d been kicked in the cock or cunt

Which CD's would you say is essential in every goregrind collection? What kinda shit has been in your cd players lately?
a couple essentials i think are
lymphatic phlegm - pathogenis infest phlegmsepsia
regurgitate - sickening bliss
last days of humanity - in advanced heamorghing conditions
autophagia - mutilate your enemy
dysmenhorreic hemorrhage - a tapeology of grevious traumas

current cds been spinning
gorelord - zombie suicide part 666
gus chamber and the rape apes
fortitude - resist till death resisting after death
enoch - graveyard disturbances
disgusting rat - demo

If there's a movie or book about Meatal Ulcer, who would be in it and what would it be about?
hmmmmmm now that question i like best! a movie would be a dream come true. it would be a total autobiography of me and the band and all the events surrounding that inspire the band. i guess the only way i see it fit to happen is if i play every single character...myself, the train driver, doctors, other bands, nurses, friends, family, posers, enemies, bitches, hookers…inspired by the family dinner fart scene in the nutty professor…the biggest vomit inducing gore cinematic experience can fit into one movie but for now the movie and story isn’t finished

Thank you for answering all these shit. Best of luck with the band... Anything you'd like to add? Cheers!
cheers for the interview sicko

" Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. "